After being in the beauty industry for over 45 years, Amanda is passionate about helping small business owners, students and current beauty professionals start, grow and/or transition from your careers. No matter what industry you may be in, Amanda’s business strategies can help you get to the next level. There’s always more to do! To learn more about how do do that, Amanda has created webinars, masterclasses, courses & programs that will help you achieve your goals. She also offers a 2 hr one-on-one virtual consultation.

Black Girl Beauty Coach Amanda Manigault has been in the beauty industry for over 45 years. She’s passionate about helping you reach success in your beauty career. If you have a question about starting, growing, transitioning from your beauty careers; one of our programs, services or memberships; becoming a BGB partner or sponsor; or maybe you want to become a Black Girl Beauty salon or school franchise owner, click the button below to schedule a FREE 15 min. consultation with Amanda.