About Amanda

Amanda Manigault began her beauty career at the age of eleven years old on her front porch in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as a hair braider. Her parents had no more than an 8th grade education, so therefore she handled all their business and became their little assistant; reading, writing, handling business matters and figuring things out… through her beauty talents, she became self-sufficient with a desire to lead others at a very young age. As a young entrepreneur, working, braiding and styling hair throughout her community and expressing her passion for beauty her father built her very 1st beauty salon in the basement of their home when she was just eleven years old…​

After graduating high school, Amanda pursued cosmetology for licensing and graduated from Empire Beauty School as a cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor. Since that time Amanda has never worked another job outside of beauty! She’s a licensed cosmetologist & cosmetology instructor in many states. She’s a beauty salon & beauty school franchise owner, beauty advocate, beauty school advisor, continuing education provider, exam preparer, beauty product manufacturer, hair braiding expert and beauty coach & consultant. Amanda appeared on the reality tv show “Cuttin In The ATL” on WETV as a beauty salon coach. Amanda is also an evangelist, inspirational speaker, philanthropist and visionary who lived her entire life building a beauty empire brick-by-brick. If you ever meet her, you’ll know that in all she does, God is 1st! ​

With Amanda’s professional beauty, entrepreneurial and Spiritual background, she has been successful with leading her team and working with beauty students, beauty professionals, for profit and non-profit organizations in helping them create success FAST, while designing the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of…​

Currently Amanda’s main role is CEO of Black Girl Beauty School of Careers, where she offers traditional, apprentice and online learning platforms in cosmetology and performing arts. She and her daughter Uniquia Manigault (who leads the Performing Arts Division) are the founders. Black Girl Beauty Foundation, where she initiated her association of beauty & the arts, offers scholarships, leadership training, youth training & development, community outreach and a national alliance focusing on empowering Black women & girls in under-privileged communities.​

Black Girl Beauty School of Careers is built using a holistic and timeless experience. Amanda’s goal is to reach students right where they’re at, regardless to their circumstances and learning styles. She puts special emphasis on kinesthetic learners and the new millennial generation of students, offering asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences that meets the skill sets needed in this evolving world of cosmetology. SHE’S BUILDING THE NEXT GENERATION OF BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS!

Another main focus area for Amanda is Black Hair Care. Amanda has been in demand for education and she receives a lot of calls and complaints that Black students and Black salon owners have experienced Black stylist graduating from school and not salon ready. They’ve also experienced Black students having to learn from other Black students, rather than instructors. Most schools do not take a lot of interest in Black hair care, yet their program fees are well over $20,000. Black students have dreamed of becoming professionals in the beauty industry and have been forced to attend these campuses, accumulating debt, yet still forced to take outside additional training, because of the lack of Black Hair Care training in the beauty schools they’re attending. They are graduating from these beauty schools NOT salon ready… Many don’t attend school at all for that same reason; thus causing them to perform unlawful duties and beauty services in their homes just to feed their families. Amanda advocates for accessibility through online education as a means to eliminate these barriers to entry within the beauty industry. She knows that learning is different for every individual, and she believes that education & all career paths should be accessible to everyone, regardless to their circumstances, societal upbringing or financial status. She strives to help others gain Financial Freedom through the world of beauty, performing arts and business.

Amanda’s desire is to touch that area of emphasis by teaching all phases of hair, skin and nails, while specializing in Black hair care. According to MarketResearch.Biz “The Global Black Hair Care Market size is expected to be worth around US$ 9.56 Billion by 2023 to US$ 15.34 Billion in 2033, growing at a CAGR of 4.84% during the forecast period 2023 to 2033.” 

Amanda invites men, women and children of all nationalities to experience the BLACK GIRL BEAUTY brand, her learning modules, memberships, and/or fellowship opportunities. Her modules and business principles are built using her “SHIP SYSTEM” that guides her on this lifetime journey. She’s a change agent that strives to take individuals out of the kitchen, bring them off the front porch and into educational & work environments where they can learn and grow towards providing better opportunities for themselves and their families. ​

Through her commitment towards changing lives and building industry beauty experts, she has thrived in the market with intentions of continuing to drive full force. Driven by her vision to become the leading one-stop beauty circuit and continuously pursue her mission of identifying the best possible opportunities for her students, beauty professionals and salon owners around the world. Her partnerships with professionals who are experts in their industry helps to provide all the resources, tools and systems needed to maintain success in life, beauty and business.​

NEED A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER? Building up Women, Small Business Owners and/or  Beauty Students/Professionals is what Amanda is known for. She’s a true motivation and will keep your audience on their toes. Maybe you’re planning a women or business conference? Need a guest speaker? Are you a small business? Do you need a industry leader professional and/or seasoned entrepreneur to speak to your group or organization. Maybe you need a guest on your show, LIVE or podcast. Amanda is an awesome motivational speaker! She’s eager to perform at your event, business or school.  If you’re looking to book Amanda to speak at your next team meeting, beauty or business conference you won’t be disappointed with the fire, energy and motivation she brings to your group.  Contact Us To Book Amanda.


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